About Me




Hello! My name is Crickett. I am a wife, a mom to three wonderful kids, and mom to three rescue dogs. I work full time and try every day to find a balance. However, I usually fail epically!


Several years ago my husband used to tell people he didn’t need a GPS or Tom-Tom he had “Crickett-Crickett”. Ever since then it’s been a running theme. Now everyone in my life asks “Crickett-Crickett” for advice, tips, recipes and yes… sometimes directions. After years of handing out advice on parenting, homework, dinners, Disney vacations, running/exercise and so on, I am here to hopefully help you!


This blog is all about what we’ve tried, tested and what worked for us. You’ll hear about kids and husband tested recipes, our morning routine, bedtime snuggles, weekly family night and everything in between. You’ll hear all the funny things that happen in my daily life (trust me with three kids and three dogs; there are a lot of funny moments!).


I look forward to sharing this journey called life with you. I hope something I say here makes it a little easier for you, and I hope to learn from your experiences too. Leave comments and lets get through this together!




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