Grilled Pizza, Family Movie and Friday Night


One of my favorite parts of summer is grilling! There’s nothing better than smelling the grill, especially charcoal. The hard part is figuring out new recipes to try! Friday nights are designated for family night, and this week is no different. Our kids wanted a pizza and movie night (Ant Man came out on Amazon prime and they’ve been itching to see it). So, challenge accepted! We’ll have grilled pizza and a movie :).

Grilled pizzas are so yummy. You get that charred, wood fire taste like the Italian restaurant pizza. It’s not as easy as you may think though. For a great grilled pizza, you need a good base. We’ve tried our everyday pizza crust recipe, but the dough falls through the grates. I had left over Boboli shells from our Myrtle Beach trip, so we tried those!

Before you assemble your pizza, make sure you spray the crust with cooking spray. This will help you get that spectacular crunch on each bite, plus it keeps the pizza from sticking.

To get the kids involved, I let them add their own toppings. They made pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, bacon, and cheddar cheese pizzas. Trent and I kept it easy with a buffalo chicken pizza and a pepperoni mushroom.

Next, set the temperature to 400 degrees on the grill, and place the pizzas on the top rack. Once the cheese melts on the top, move the pizza over the flame. Having the pizza away for the first 5 minutes allows your toppings to cook without the crust burning. Once you move the pizza over the flame, it takes approximately 10 minutes to finish. Keep an eye on the bottom of the crust. You want a light char without an actual burn.

Grilled Pizza – Perfect for Summer

Crust – Pre-made crust or Naan bread (21 day fix friendly)
Sauce – Boboli party pack (what we used) included sauce. Use tomato sauce for 21 day fix friendly pizza, or ranch for buffalo chicken pizza.
Toppings – Your Choice! We had buffalo chicken, turkey pepperoni, turkey bacon, cheese and mushrooms.
Seasoning – Cooking spray on the bottom, dried Italian seasoning

-Preheat grill at 400 degrees
-Spray bottom of crust with cooking spray
-Top pizzas with sauce, toppings and seasoning
-Place pizzas on top rack for 5 minutes or until cheese melts
-Move pizzas to bottom rack directly over flame and cook for 10 more minutes
-Check bottom of pizza periodically to ensure no burning



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