21 Day Fix Friendly Chicken Salad



IMG_1485Anytime we’re having a party, going to a potluck, or visiting friends and family I am always asked to make one thing… my chicken salad.

I don’t know what it is about chicken salad, but everyone loves it. It makes for a quick, on the go lunch, or an appetizer perfect for parties. There are so many ways you can serve a chicken salad: with crackers, on a crescent roll, as a salad topper, or in a wrap. It’s also completely adaptable; if you want mayo instead of Greek yogurt, have left over chicken breasts or rotisserie chicken in the fridge… just swap it out. We’ve made this chicken salad so many different ways and served different options, and each time it’s fantastic! Below is a healthier, lighter version for you 21-day fixers.

Below is my quick and easy recipe for Chicken Salad (21 Day Fix Friendly):

2 16oz cans of chicken breast chunks
1 container plain Greek yogurt (Can swap for 1 cup of mayo)
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
½ cup of cut grapes (we prefer the red seedless grapes, but any will do)
¼ cup diced celery
Salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon of dill


Here’s the tricky part… Combine all ingredients in a large bowl 🙂 . I usually divide the mayo or Greek yogurt and add ¼ cups at a time. We don’t like our salad too creamy and 1 cup mayo will make it really creamy. Sometimes I end up with ¾ cups of mayo or yogurt instead of 1 cup. You can eye ball this and adjust to your taste buds.


What makes the chicken salad amazing is it’s bright and vibrant taste with the help of lemon juice and dill. Make sure you taste test as you mix so you know whether to add more or less.

A couple tips: If you’re using chicken breasts or rotisserie chicken, you may need to adjust your salt and pepper (breast needs more, rotisserie needs less).

Greek yogurt makes a less creamy, runnier base. I counter this with less lemon juice and fresh chicken. If using canned chicken, pat it dry before adding to the mixture. You may need to add more pepper with the yogurt as well.

Just keep tasting and tweaking until it’s perfect!

Container Counts: 1 Red (Chicken and Yogurt), ½ Green (Celery), ½ Purple (grapes), 1 Yellow (I used 8 whole grain crackers)


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