10 Cheap or FREE Things To Do in Surfside Beach, SC!


This year we have a big goal to hit – paying down our debit by 50%. Even though we’re working toward this huge goal, we still wanted to enjoy a family vacation. We joined up with my mom and sister (who lives in Surfside Beach, South Carolina) to plan an affordable week long vacation.

My goal was side hustle our entire trip. We were able to pay for our rental house, gas money and groceries by selling old furniture, clothing and odds and ends in the basement. You can see more about what we sold and how much we earned {here}.

After these expenses were paid, we had to figure out entertainment. I was able to earn and extra $255 through Ebates ($125), selling some additional furniture ($100) and birthday money sent from my in-laws ($30). This was our spending money for entertainment. Now, the challenge of spreading $255 over the course of 6 days, with 5 people!

With the help of my sister, Pinterest and some good ol’ fashion Goggling we were able to stay entertained each day, and avoid the “I’m Bored” whining.

10 FREE or Cheap Things To Do at Surfside and Myrtle Beach!

  1. The Beach – This is what you come to Myrtle Beach for, the beach! We spent everyday at the beach. Some days it was for a couple hours and some days just for an hour at dusk. We bought each kid a $5.99 boogie board, and believe me it was worth every penny! We brought with us $1 sand buckets with a couple of shovels, and a rubber football. Just a couple dollars and our kids had a ball (no pun intended) at the beach everyday!IMG_1209.jpg
  2. Visiting the Pier – In Surfside there is a long pier beside Surf’s Diner. You get to the pier through a little store that sells fishing gear, ice cream and access to the pier. It costs $1 for each person to go onto the pier, and it’s worth it. If you’re lucky there will be a local fisherman on the pier who lets your kids ask a million questions, and even lets them throw his catch back in the water ;). We went twice to the pier and each time had a great time! We bought ice cream after dinner and talked to the local fisherman. We even got to see a 5-foot shark eat a stunned fish, and a baby shark being caught!
  3. Boardwalk on the Beach – We walked the Boardwalk one afternoon and the favorite part was feeding the fish LOL. For 25 cents you can get a handful of fish food. We spent roughly $2 for each kid to feed the fish. It was about an hour of fun, but it was fun!IMG_1346.jpg
  4. Picking Hermit Crab Pets – As a souvenir we bought each child a hermit crab to bring home. It cost $9.98 for a crab, the house, food and some environmental things (sand, a shell, a sponge and a small piece of bamboo). It was an inexpensive souvenir that wouldn’t just be thrown away.
  5. Evening Activities – In the evening, after a full day at the beach or out and about, it’s a good idea to have some activities. This helped keep the kids off the tablets, and helped avoid temper tantrums. We brought with us Scrabble, Monopoly and a couple movies. Each night after dinner we played a game or cuddle up for a movie.
  6. Riding Bikes – My sister clued us in on a couple places we could ride bikes around town. There’s a little park in Pawley’s Island, just 20 minutes south of Surfside. We rode our bikes there one afternoon and it’s a nice quiet day. We rode our bikes on the Marsh Walk and around our housing development as well.IMG_1347
  7. Ripley’s Aquarium – Now, this isn’t necessarily free, but we did get a good deal! My sister homeschools her boys and got us a great deal on tickets. Ripley’s is a fun area to enjoy the fishes. It’s a 3-4 hour trip around the aquarium, if you take your time. We really had fun seeing the sharks, petting a shark and even meeting a Mermaid!
  8. Fly Kites – The beach becomes deserted around 7pm. We took that time to fly a couple kites and pick up shells. You can buy kites down at Myrtle Beach or like us; you could bring them with you. We brought kites we already had and it was FREE!
  9. Boat Tour – The boat tour wasn’t free, but worth the money. We paid $30 for each adult, and $15 for each child. We went to the North Island in Georgetown and pick shells, saw a lighthouse and wildlife in its natural habitat. The boat ride is an all day trip; so plan 5-6 hours with driving time.
  10. Skywheel – Again, not free but worth the money. The cost for the Skywheel is $14 for each adult and $8 for each child. We found a coupon in the Mega Flyer for $1 off each person. The Skywheel is fun to see the ocean and maybe even a couple dolphins! It’s roughly a 10-minutes Ferris wheel ride, and you go around 3 times.

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