10 Ideas for Tinker Bell Gifts at Disney World!


Last year we spent an amazing seven days at Disney World. Our kids’ ages were nine, seven and five. We had a really fun time, and made plenty of memories. We weren’t so sure we would have a great trip when we were planning however. Our youngest son, Asher was having frequent accidents at school. We felt the accidents were partially a phase, and partially from our recent move. We were working through the problem with a reward system. If Asher went a day at school without an accident, we would reward him with a small gift.

Since we were still experiencing frequent accidents, I started asking friends and family for Disney themed gift ideas. One of my friends used “Tinker Bell Gifts” on their last vacation as a way to save money on souvenirs. So, I took her ideas and started planning!

We executed Tinker Bell gifts by setting out a gift the first night we were there. We made sure a note from Tinker Bell was added to the bag that outlined the “rules” on how you earned a gift. Below were our rules:

  1. Be patient
  2. Be respectful to each other as well as mom and dad
  3. No whining
  4. No begging (for a souvenir, food, ride, etc.)
  5. Settle down and go to sleep each night
  6. For Asher only: No accidents!

Next, we sprinkled some pixie dust around the door and throughout the room. This made it look like Tink really flew through our hotel room and dropped the gift off. Bonus: the Mousekeepers vacuumed each day so the pixie dust was always new!

Lastly, we planned what we would buy for gifts and how much we wanted to spend. Some of the gifts I brought with us, and some we bought while we were there. I wanted to stick to a budget since they were in addition to souvenirs. My goal was to stay between $5 and $10 each day.

Below is a lift of gift ideas:
Tsum Tsums – Disneystore.com purchased on sale for $3 each
Disney Dollars – Purchased at the concierge’s desk, each kid received $5
Trading Pin – Disneystore.com & Amazon.com, bought sale ones they could trade
Light Up Toy– Purchased at Magic Kingdom for Fantasmic the next day!
Vinylmation – Purchase the surprise box at the resort gift shop
Candy/Snacks – Purchased Chip & Dale pretzels and crackers for our pool day snack
Coloring Books – Purchased at Target, great for the car ride home!
Ear Hat or Headband – Purchased at Disneystore.com with a promo code
Special Toy – on the last day we bought the souvenir they really wanted!
Swim Toys – Purchased from Target for our pool day at the resort!

Have you ever given Tinker Bell gifts? How do you reward or save money on souvenirs? Share your tips in the comments below!


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