Ideas for Celebrating a Birthday at Disney World!

Disney Balloons - Castle

I am so grateful that my husband and I have been able to celebrate all three of our childrens’ birthday’s at Disney World. In my opinion Disney World is the happiest place on earth. What could be better than spending your very special day at the happiest place on earth? Disney makes it easy to celebrate any occasion, and include everyone in the fun.


The first time we celebrated a birthday at Disney World was for my daughter. She turned four and we were lucky enough to spend spring break at Disney. We planned a special day starting with breakfast at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. Next, Audrey received a fun present, a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal. Afterwards we enjoyed the day looking at animals. Even though she was only four, she still remembers this day and still has her Minnie Mouse!


We’ve now celebrated our youngest son’s birthday at Disney World twice. His birthday is in late May, so it’s a perfect time for us to go to Disney. He also is our Mickey loving kid, and it’s very special for him. We’ve found Chef Mickey to be the best birthday restaurant for younger kids whom love the fab five. Asher had a very special birthday this past year when he turned five. Mickey Mouse brought him a present to the room – a birthday cake, balloons and a picture frame. (I ordered these from the Disney florist and coordinated what time/day for delivery. We made sure they were delivered while we were at dinner so we could open presents and enjoy cake afterwards). It was very exciting for Asher. He thought Mickey had a magic key, which allowed him to get into our room and set out the presents and bring a cake!


Our oldest son has a very difficult birthday being Christmas week. It’s a tough time to get away, and it’s a very busy/expensive time to go to Disney World. I am so happy that we surprised Lane on his tenth birthday with a trip to the Magic Kingdom. We made a big production of his tenth birthday and while daddy was checking us in, I went to the room and set up balloons, presents, and a happy birthday banner. We scheduled a fun dinner at Crystal Palace that evening so we could watch the fireworks while eating dinner. (I made sure to indicate we wanted a late dinner and that we wanted a castle view at the time of booking the reservation). Also, the waitress brought him a cupcake with a candle, and all of the characters and waiters/waitresses sang Lane happy birthday. It was a lot of fun!

Disney offers a lot of services you can utilize when celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion. Below are 5 ideas for making a birthday extra special at the happiest place on earth:

  1. Birthday Button – everyone will say happy birthday when you’re wearing a birthday button! Cast members, characters, and even other guests. Your little one will be told Happy Birthday about 100 times a day!
  2. Disney Florists – you can have gifts, a cake, balloons, or floral arrangements delivered to your room with the Disney Florists. We’ve used them a couple times and have enjoyed their services.
  3. Make reservations for a character dinner or dinner at your child’s favorite restaurant. Be sure to tell them it’s a birthday dinner!
  4. Gifts – at the resort gift shops, the checkout counters usually have wrapping paper. You can get your little one a present and the attendant will wrap it for a small fee. We bought our kids a souvenir they really wanted, but didn’t have enough money for.
  5. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or Pirate League – Both of these options are really fun! Your son can dress up and get face paint like a pirate and/or your daughter can dress up like a princess. Both are a great birthday gift idea as they aren’t the cheapest option.


How do you celebrate a birthday at Disney World? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.


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