Tips to Saving Money & Eating Healthy During Kids’ Sports

thomaston little league
Beat the Concession Stand: Eat Healthy & Save Money During Little League Sports

One of the toughest times for me to eat healthy and maintain my new weight is during kids’ sports. With three kids in spring sports, we’re rarely home to prepare a healthy meal. It’s so easy to eat from the concession stand, costing a lot of money and wasting calories. This season however I have a plan in place!

We have two boys in baseball and our daughter is in soccer. Anyone with multiple kids knows the struggle of juggling schedules. This year we are at the baseball field Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and we’re at soccer Thursday and Saturday. That’s a lot of time not at home, and not eating a sit down meal. So, I put together a plan for take-along healthy meals we can enjoy on a set of bleachers.

I started planning our take-along meals with a list of easy to prepare foods that will keep in a hot/cold bag. Below is my list:

Main Dishes:
Personal Sized Pizzas
Wrap Sandwiches
Turkey Burgers
Turkey Hot Dogs
Chicken Salad Crescents
Cheese, Pepperoni and Crackers (homemade Lunchables)
Meatball or Lunch Meat Subs
Walking Tacos/Tacos in a Bag
Sloppy Joes

Side Dishes:
Pasta Salad
Fresh Veggies w/Ranch or Hummus
Fresh Fruit
Rice & Black Beans
Warm Veggies (Corn on the Cob works well)

Blow Pop Lollipops
Homemade Cookies
Homemade Rice Krispy Treats
Milk Shakes for a special snack 😉

Next, there are a couple of supplies I needed to keep the food warm and to transport without making a mess. I bought pre-portioned foil and a hot/cold bag from Sam’s Club. Additionally, I needed paper plates, plastic ware, and napkins. The pre-portioned foil cost $4 and the hot/cold bag cost $10 at Sam’s Club. The plastic ware and plates cost $15 for enough to get us through the season.

So far this plan has ensured we don’t spend money on concession stand foods, plus everyone is eating a clean and healthy meal. It’s helped us stick to our budget since I now add these dinners into our meal planning.

Here’s to summer, and a fun sports season!


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