How to Start a Chore Chart for Kids!


I like a clean, tidy house but it’s difficult to keep up. After work, making dinner, homework, and sports the last thing on my mind is housework. Our life is BUSY like most families, and spending the little “free time” we have together is so much more important than a clean house.

Our kids are a little older now and they are capable of pitching in on chores. We’ve never given the kids a list of chores or paid them an allowance. My thought was we buy you most of the things you need or want, what do you need money for? However, they are getting to an age where having a little cash at the ball field for a snack or when hanging out with friends is fun. So, we decided to put in place a chore chart and weekly allowance.

The first thing we did was research age appropriate chores. I wanted to make sure these were chores they could keep up with, and wouldn’t be discouraged by.

Next, I filled out a chore chart and alternated the chores between the kids. My hope with this is to eliminate “so and so have easier chores” or “I don’t like want to do that”. Everyone will be doing the same things, just on different days.

Lastly, my husband and I decided on a value for the chores. I don’t want to go broke paying the kids for chores (I may have to re-do LOL). So, we decided on a quarter per chore. It may seem like a small amount at first, but if the kids complete all of the chores, every day, it adds up to serious money for a ten year old!

Here’s how the plan looks when put together:

Each kid will have 4 chores a day. Each chore pays 25 cents. Each child can earn $1 a day Monday-Friday (weekends off just like a real job). Friday is payday and they will be paid $5 a week if all chores are completed. That’s $20 a month!

Below is the chore list:

  • Make Beds
  • Straighten Up Bedrooms
  • Set the Table
  • Wipe Down Table (Before and After Dinner)
  • Load Dishwasher (After Dinner)
  • Water Plants
  • Feed Dogs
  • Scope Dog Poop


Next, I bought a dry erase chore chart from Amazon ($19) that we could stick to the fridge and re-use. I debated on an excel chart or there are some cute ideas on Etsy. In the end I wanted a cheap option that didn’t require printing a new chart every week.

The kids have been completing the chores for a week now, and their first payday was Friday. So far, so good! I think the chores are easy enough to keep up with, and really add to the kids’ confidence. I plan on switching up the chore list this summer when schools is on break. Maybe add more difficult chores, or additional chores? Either way, this is a big help in the upkeep of the housework, and the kids enjoy spending “their money”.

Do your kids have chores? What works for them and for you? Share some tips in the comments below.


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