Quiet Spots to Rest at the Magic Kingdom

No matter how old your kids are, they get cranky and need a break at Disney World. Heck, I need a break at Disney World! With kids though, finding a little peace and quiet for a quick nap, or somewhere to rest little feet can be a blessing at the Magic Kingdom. As unlikely as it seems, you can find quiet spots… even in the busy season at the Magic Kingdom.

During the summer, finding a quick service lunch where you could sit down isn’t easy. Lines are a mile long, especially during the normal lunchtime rush from 11am-1pm. However, we’ve found Columbia Harbor House is rarely busy. Featuring short lines, and delicious food such as chili, salad, shrimp and chicken baskets, Columbia Harbor House is a good choice for a mid-day break. If you head upstairs you can sit down and relax while eating lunch. Columbia Harbor House is nestled in Liberty Square across from The Haunted Mansion.


If you or your kiddos are susceptible to the 3pm crash, head over to Tomorrowland and enjoy a smoothie from The Cheshire Cat. You can find out more about my story, and how much we enjoy The Cheshire Cat here.

While you’re in Tomorrowland, head over to Carousel of Progress. It’s a sit-down ride through the decades. The ride is a slow circle progression that takes 10-15 minutes. It’s not a busy ride and you could do two loops easily. The ride is air-conditioned, and the chairs are comfy. Usually, we take a catnap and get out of the heat, before hitting some of the busier rides.


Our last ride of the night is usually the People Mover Transit Authority. This is a ride that circles Tomorrowland and even goes through popular rides such as Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. In the evening when we’re all done with rides, we hope on this slow ride for 10 minutes. The lights are beautiful in Tomorrowland and again, there’s no wait to get on. You can do several loops if you’d like, and let little ones rest before the nighttime parade and fireworks.



Where do you find quiet spots to rest at the Magic Kingdom? Share your tips in the comments below!


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