What to Pack in Your Disney Park Bag


We try to go to Disney World every couple years, and each time we learn a little more. For instance, the first time we went to Disney World with our kids, we had two toddlers and an infant. We had a double stroller, and somewhere to carry all our stuff. It was a breeze! The next couple times we went, we weren’t so lucky…

We knew after the first trip with infants we wouldn’t have as much to carry, but we wouldn’t have a stroller either. When we took our second trip to Disney, our children were seven, six and four. We still had stuff; extra clothes for each kid and snacks, so we had to figure out the best way to carry everything.

I did some research online, and asked friends and family who frequently went to Disney as well. After some thought, we decided to carry backpacks. We have three kids, and we’re lucky to have my mom join us on our Disney trips. So, each adult was responsible for carrying one child’s stuff.

Here’s what we packed for each child:

  • Change of clothes: socks, underwear, an outfit and flip flops
  • Snacks: a juice box and a couple snack bags
  • Water bottles: we used Britta bottles to save money. We refilled the bottles from water fountains and didn’t have any problem with gross Florida water!
  • First-Aid Kit: small kit with Band-Aids, Neosporin, Tylenol, and alcohol pads
  • Sunscreen: Roll on for faces and a spray bottle for quick coverage of wiggly kids
  • Sun glasses and a ball cap

Each night before going to bed I repacked everyone’s bags so they were ready in the morning. It was nice knowing each person had an individual kids’ gear. This allowed us to switch backpacks if someone had an accident and needed changed, instead of digging through one backpack for everything. It also allowed us to switch backpacks if we split up. We just handed over the backpack that went with the child. It made carrying all of our stuff easy!


What do you pack in your Disney park bag? Any tips or tricks on how to make Disney easier with kids?


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