My Hidden Gem in the Magic Kingdom

Picture this… My husband, me, our three kids, and my mom standing in line for the Motor Speedway in Magic Kingdom, on day three of our seven day Disney World vacation. I know, everyone is thinking; AWWWWW what a wonderful time, I love the Motor Speedway. Now, add in an 8am Disney Junior breakfast, 90-degree heat in July, and an hour-long wait…

It had been a long day park hopping, and 3pm had hit. Our kids wanted, needed, were desperate to ride the Motor Speedway. After an hour long wait, standing over the speedway track, this momma was done.

Most people hear about kids throwing a temper-tantrum complete with crying, stomping feet, and turning thousands of heads. Well, at 3pm in Tomorrowland, I threw an epic, Oscar worthy temper-tantrum.

After the temper-tantrum of 2010, a very nice cast member stopped and grabbed my hand. She said she had just the thing to help! The cast member then led me to The Cheshire Cat and suggested the raspberry lemonade slush. I kid you not; a cast member led me, 25 years old at the time, to a slushy and told me to take a time out…

I can honestly say though, six years later and The Cheshire Cat is one of my go-to snacks at Disney World.


Every time we go to Disney World we plan an afternoon snack of slushes and Mickey pretzels. The Cheshire Cat isn’t an exceptional snack and it’s not a cheap snack. We like it for many other reasons:

  1. No one knows it exists. Seriously, there is never a line even though it is located between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.
  2. There is a terrace that has tables and chairs under it. You can sit under the terrace in shade and people watch.
  3. We often use this as a time to plan our afternoon and evening rides.

If you’re looking for a quiet, calm and yummy place to take a break at the Magic Kingdom, try The Cheshire Cat. It’s situated beside the teacups, and behind the Starlight Café. It’s cast member and mommy approved 😉



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