How I Side-Hustled and Earned Money for Vacation!

How we side-hustled and earned money for our beach vacation!

At the beginning of the year Trent and I set out to pay down our debt and to increase our savings. Our goals were to pay down credit card debt, increase our savings and start our kids’ college funds.

A couple year’s ago we attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University at our church, and implemented some of the baby steps right away. We had our emergency fund already set up, we had a budget in place, and that’s about it. We still had our credit card debt and we still hadn’t increased our savings much more. We started at the beginning of the year with the debt snowball, and putting a little more into savings each month. Everything was going great, until my mom invited us on a beach vacation in June.

We planned to have a stay-cation this year because we had our goals… but who can pass up a beach vacation (LOL)! Trent and I sat down and contemplated our decision. Sure, we wanted to go on vacation, but we didn’t want to derail our savings/debt pay off to pay for our part of the house, groceries, and travel. I decided to try and see if I could earn the money for our vacation instead of taking it out of our monthly budget.

We needed to raise $1,000 ($700 for the house, $100 for groceries, $200 for travel). I planned out 3 ways I could raise the money.

  1. Selling items on a Buy/Sell/Trade site
  2. Ebates rebate check
  3. Working overtime


In just a couple of short weeks, I am happy to say we have over $1,000 towards our goal! Here’s how I did it:


Selling items on a Buy/Sell/Trade site:

  • Facebook has a ton of local sale sites. I joined each one in our area. We went through the basement and kids’ clothes during our Spring-Cleaning (read more here) and I listed all of our “Sale” pile. Below is the list of items we sold.
    • Old Window – $20
    • Kids’ clothes – $80
    • Surround Sound – $40
    • Computer – $100
    • Furniture (Bedroom set) – $280
    • Curtains – $20
    • 2 Coach Purses – $50
    • Desk – $20
    • Media Console – $40
    • Nightstand – $20
    • Side Table – $10
    • Wall Art – $15
    • Mirror – $10

This all added up to $705 from items we already decided not to keep. It was easy; I listed the items on the sites, waited for someone to bid on the items, and made pick up arrangements. It took me approximately 2 weeks to sell these items.


Rebate check from Ebates:

  • Part of my day job is purchasing items for clients. As I am making these purchases I get to redeem points on the products or the purchases. One of the easiest ways I can do this is signing up with Ebates. Ebates reimburses you for online purchases from stores you already shop at (Amazon, JC Penney, Target, Kohl’s, etc.).

Between holiday shopping for my family, and purchases made for clients, I made $144 in cash back! If you’re not a member of Ebates, sign up here:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


Working overtime:

  • Trent can sign up for voluntary overtime shifts whenever a shift is available. To meet our goal, he signed up for two extra shifts – one each week.

Overtime pay made us around $200, bringing our grand total to $1,049!


We are so excited! A little bit of time and effort helped us reach our goal and pay off our beach vacation. These side hustles could help you too! Whether you’re looking to pay down some debt, start your $1,000 emergency fund, or put some money in your pocket… you can earn money in just a short amount of time!

How do you save money for your next vacation? Do you have any side hustle tricks to make extra cash? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!



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