One Tip That Saved Our Disney World Vacation


Smiles on all five of our faces! We loved our Christmas vacation at Disney World!

I love Disney World! I’ve been to Disney World more times than I can count since I was a child. My family loved Disney, and we’ve spent so many family vacations there. As I grew up, got married and started a family, enjoying vacations at Disney World has never changed.

Over the years we’ve enjoyed whirlwind vacations where we needed to fit it all in, as well as slow paced vacations. Although we will take any form of a Disney World vacation…. come on it’s the most magical place on earth! Now that we’re taking our children, there’s one tip that has ensured our vacation included lasting memories.

My tip for a memorable Disney vacation: Be there, get involved, and enjoy the magic with your kids!

I know, easier said than done.

I have a type-A personality… I love lists! Every time we went to Disney World I have a mental list of all the things we had to do. A list for what rides to ride. A list for what characters we had to meet. A list for where we’re going to eat. A list of what I need to pack for the parks. The lists went on and on…

During our summer 2015 vacation it finally dawned on me. I had planned the vacation to a T. All the things we wanted to do, all the reservations for dinner, everything using my super-awesome spreadsheet. Then something clicked while we were at the Magic Kingdom. Here we were in the most magical place on earth, and we weren’t having fun. We were enjoying our time, but there was no joy. The kids were tired from rushing, and I couldn’t understand why they wanted to swim when there’s so much to see.

The faces of three usually happy kids, not enjoying the hustle and bustle of a rushed Disney World vacation.

So, we finished the trip and came home. Everyone had a good time, and the pictures were great! However, no one lit up when they talked about it. We knew something needed to change. When we planned our next vacation at Christmas, I knew what we needed to do. My husband and I needed to trade in our parenting hats for ear hats.

I can honestly say our Christmas trip was still planned with a super-awesome spreadsheet. I still had lists of what I wanted to accomplish while we were there, even more so since it was a surprise vacation. This time though, Trent and I got involved. We put our phones away (for the most part), I bought Disney shirts for the two of us, and I made sure we were present the entire time.

Enjoying dinner at Rain Forest cafe. We had three spilled drinks (all from one kid), and we’re still smiling!

The proof is in the pictures! The kids’ smiles at Christmas were bright and constant. The stories they tell to their friends speak for themselves. They enjoyed the trip because we laughed and got involved in the vacation with them.

Reflecting on our Disney World vacation the day we left. It was so much more fun when we all got involved!

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