Countdown Activities to Our Disney World Vacation!


I’m so excited for our next Disney World vacation… a year from now. 😦 I wish it were tomorrow, or even this summer. However, we did two Disney vacations in 2015 and my husband keeps telling me we have to save money. What.A.Buzz.Kill.

In May 2015 we spent five magical days at Disney World. It wasn’t our first trip, nor will it be our last. It was still magically non-the less. We had so much fun at Disney World, but also enjoyed the anticipation of the trip! We chose to tell the kids 60 days out, when we could pick Fast Passes. This hopefully would cut down on the amount of times I would have to answer “how many days”, “is it today?” etc.

To keep the kids engaged leading to our trip I turned Family Night into Family Night Disney Edition! Instead of the kids picking our activities like usual, I picked the dinner and fun centered on our trip. At first the kids hated that I picked, but after the first week or two they got over it. LOL

Below are the family night activities leading up to our vacation:

Week 8: Aladdin and Mickey pizzas!

Pizzas: Grand’s biscuits rolled out and small ears cut out with a cup. Top biscuits with your child’s favorite toppings and cook according to the package directions.

Mickey Mouse Pizzas and Aladdin for our Countdown to Disney World Activities!

Week 7: Made paper chain countdown in yellow, red, and black for Mickey colors. Everyone took turns over the 50 or so days removing one link.

Week 6: Valentine’s Day weekend! I bought everyone Disney PJs and a stuffed animal on a BOGO deal at We had a PJ party and played Disney Pictionary.

Week 5: Wrote letters to our favorite Disney characters on fun paper I found on Pinterest. People have reports they received a response 6-8 weeks later. We mailed ours out to the address specified, but never received a response. It was still fun to write and send them!

Mail a Letter to Your Favorite Character at Disney! Countdown to Disney World Activity

Week 4: Made Disney cutout cookies! I found the cookie cutters and decorating sets at Amazon on clearance, they were less than $3 each.


Week 3: Watched YouTube videos of rides at Disney World and made a list of things we wanted to do. I used this list to start building an itinerary. Yes, I am “that person” who planned the most time efficient route to optimize our trip. Give me a break; I have a type-A personality.

Week 2: I made souvenir bags for each child to cut down on costs while we were at the park. These were a surprise for the kids and included: Character Shirt, Autograph Book, Pen for Autographs, Trading Pin, $20 Gift Card, a Toy, Ear Hat, and Magic Bandits. I signed up for emails and scored 25% off “Park Authentic” merchandise. This saved a little on souvenirs we would have bought once we were at the parks.

Week 1: Monster’s Inc. and Packed! It may not be too fun, but we were leaving Saturday morning for our 16-hour drive… We watched Monster’s Inc. and ran around packing our bags while dad packed the car.


Do you countdown for your vacation or Disney trip? What are some ways you save money on your Disney World vacation? Share your tips in the comments below.


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