Family Night and the Swashbuckling Beagle

Family night is a BIG deal in my house! We put away our phones and tablets, and enjoy an evening of laughs and fun. We try to keep it positive and chill, but when you mix in our two competitive boys, “slightly know it all” daughter, and our adored beagle “Bad Jack”, it gets a little interesting.

How we decide family night festivities depends on whose turn it is to pick. Each kid gets a week to pick the food, game or movie. Trent and I pick the last week of the month. This time it was our oldest, Lane who got to pick. After the “great debate” Lane settled on meatloaf and Scrabble.


Of course, dad won the game and rubbed it in with an epic Rocky-worthy run around the house. I’ll let him have this one victory… he doesn’t usually win at Scrabble.

Now, I mentioned “Bad Jack” our adorable and very loved beagle being part of Family Night. Jack is almost two years old and was a rescue puppy. We happily adopted him when he was four months old. Seriously, he is the Denis the Menace of all dogs though! We’ve lost two house sitters because he chewed up their shoes, shampoo and a screen door while we were on vacation.

You’ll notice in the family night picture there is plastic knife resting on the table. I commandeered the plastic knife from Jack as he was chasing the other two dogs around the house. No joke… plastic-knife-wielding beagle Jack (Sparrow) chasing two yellow labs twice his size around the house. I tell ya, Bolt and Mary were cowering in their boots.


Please note: No children or bad beagles were harmed creating this post 😉

Do you have a weekly family night with your kids? How do you decide what game or movie is picked? Anyone else out there have a crazy and mischievous pup?


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